Solutions for IT and business processes on IBM i

If your company is currently or planning on using IBM i for your IT system opperations then we can help. It can be fixing, upgrading implementing and/or developing new applications for your ERP system, no problem is too big or too small for us. 

We have the right tools and knowledge to help you

Along with the Hugmar software,  a development toolset that helps your company re-engineer your ILE based applications into state of the art web solutions. We also have professinals who has been in the software development for over 40 years and is more than ready to guide you through the proccess.

What Hugmar has to offer for your business.

Hugmar Software

The Hugmar software is a cloud-enabled and IBM i Integrated Language Environment (ILE) application development toolset that allows re-engineering of business processes and the creation of state of the art applications that interact and co-exist with remaining legacy applications logically.


Throstur Gudmundsson, the owner and creator of Hugmar  is an expert in software development and ERP implementation. He will teach and train any techincal personnel but also  the end user on the software. He will provide guidance and consultant for your company throughout  the whole proccess.  

Customized solution

We understand that each business has a unique sets of problems they want to solve or goals they want to achieve. With our softaware along with the knowlegde and experience we can find a solution for you. Whether it´s upgrading, develope, implementing a new ERP system, reduce IT cost or increase efficiency, we can help.

Words from our founder

I have been keenly intrested in developemnt methodologies since I started working with computer software in the mid 70´s. Experiences have taken me through Computer Science at Shico State, Developing Government software on multiple platform in the 80´s and leading ERP startup to 50% share in the Icelandic market in the 90´s. As IBM was slow to adapt to emerging to Windows .NET and later to Open Source technologies and the Web.

I became an expert in iSeries intergration with other emerging platforms, wich led me to lead many successful project in that space. The merging of the iSeries with AIX onto the POWER-platform was very positive move. By opening the POWER Architecture through the Open POWER Foundation, IBM has created a very diffrent ballgame for all of us, that I am very excited to be a part of.

Words from our customers

“ Throstur was the lead developer of our IBM based Manufacturing and Distribution System. After successfully completing the implementation of the project, he formed an inhouse ITTeam to support, maintain and enhance the project. He is currently serving us in the role of Technical Consultant to our ITTeam. ”

Anita Barker, Managing Director, Coldwater Seafood United Kingdom

” Throstur is an extremely innovative and skilled software engineer and our cooperation, which lasted 7 years, was technically quite successful and we know that his system has been implemented commercially with excellent results. 

Prof. Snorri Agnarsson, University of Iceland, Faculty of Engineering and Science
Sigurdur Bjornsson, Head of Innovation and Development, the Icelandic Centre for Research

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