Solution for your business

Our solutions

With the Hugmar software along with our knowledge and experience  we can find a solution for you. Whether it´s upgrading, developing, implementing a new custom system, reduce IT cost or increase efficiency, we can help.

Our software has a built-in Business Intelligence Tool that helps businesses in moving along with their activities by leveraging its benefits. By using it, businesses are also in a position to increase the output of their IT staff due to the cohesiveness attained through the software. Each of the IT staff has a high possibility of working in a wide application spectrum than in an environment with no application of the Hugmar Framwork. With the help of the developers, the better part of the current IT systems can be maintained, and IT services should improve overall.

Return on investment

As far as return on investment is concerned, IBM® Power-based ILE platforms are among the cheapest in terms of cost of ownership across the industry.  When integrated with the open-source application, ILE has the potential for better performance both for business and the developers.  There is also a high chance of cohesiveness in the training of the server and all the client programmers. Implementing new functions might be more predictable, planning simplified, incremental, and there can be retention of the more critical business functions, thus leading to reduced total cost and at the same time, expanding the IT services overall

Competitive advantage

In competitive advantage, Hugmar gives focus to the development of efficient life-cycle workflow and does not rely on any third-party support software. The developer in IBM-ILE, therefore, has the capability to effectively and efficiently develop and maintain state of the art web applications using only IBM standard and open-source tools. The developer has even more capability to develop a more powerful application as there is the provision of several Service Programs wrappers such as SQL-CLI wrappers that comes with the HF in their integrated nature.